Thursday, March 23, 2006

She couldn't wait to say..."Are You Nick Horn-by?"

Yesterday I got to have lunch with Nick Hornby. Yup, that Nick Hornby.

His appearance was disarming for some reason. I suppose that it is because the way that I most commonly see his image is the cartooon bust in The Believer (a t-shirt for which he was wearing - give 'em a raise Eggers!). He's not very tall; his face has a sort elastic softness that I found very interesting and appealing; of he's bald, of course - we can see that at least in the cartoon; and he carried himself with a sort of slouch that insinuated a shyness or reticence, that was present during the lunch but which disappeared when he stepped on stage later in the evening for a reading to about 1000 people.

He doesn't sound like John Cusack, which, though I thought I would be terribly sad about having to let go of Cusack's voice when reading Hornby, was actually a very cool thing.

The best thing about it all, besides one of the most excellent readings I've ever heard, is that I came away liking Hornby's work more. I mean, I already really liked it, but I'm so often put off by "famous" people (in my glee I've mentioned my lucky lunch to several people who had not heard of Hornby - go figure - so I guess maybe he's not universally famous, but anyways....) who seemed to want you to only come to them as a sycophant or who attempt to capitalize on their notoriety by acting inappropriately or narcissitically.

I liked him. He was cool.

Monday, March 20, 2006

I'm a very bad juggler

I'm juggling again...trying to keep about ten breakable balls in the air. One of these days I'm gonna get caught up. I hope. Maybe it's my personality, a problem with the way I take on the world.


It was a perfect weekend. Friday night we had the grand opening of the newly remodeled gallery. It was a HIT and I can't believe that it actually came together (I was hanging pictures right up to show time). We had lots of new people visit the gallery and we sold more than we have in a LONG TIME! Whew!

And then K and I went hiking on Saturday at the Wolf River Trail in Germantown. It was a really beautiful day and we found about four or five rope swings that people had hung. This one even conveniently had steps. Made me wish for summer, though I never would have thought I'd even consider swimming in the Wolf.

Sunday was a rainy day - great day to veg on the couch and then work on art projects, which is what we did. Then dinner with the parents. We had gin martinis - first time I'd ever had one. Yummy! (But, oh so stout!)

I'm wishing I could go back and do that one all over again.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Thinking about a friend

K's best friend K2 is having brain surgery today. He has cancer, and we're crossing our fingers for him.....

He's already really a living miracle. When he was diagnosed his wife was pregnant with his second child, a son. The doctors told him in May that he would not see his son born. That was six years ago.

So, K2, I'll put on some Al Green and say a prayer for you. Hang in there. We're all proud to know you.


The surgery went well!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Austin Rocks

Man, oh man, does Austin rock! I just spent a week there, well, actually five days, and was so thrilled with the city. I love that there are hiking trails right in the middle of the city and a river (resevoir, actually) on which people were canoeing and kayaking and rowing. How cool, how cool, how cool!