Saturday, April 30, 2005

Here We Go, But Not Really

So, I guess it begins here. It may as well.

I have been intrigued by this blogging thing and have lately found myself whittling away way too much time having the bizarre voyeuristic experience of reading people's blogs whom I know. It's a sort of anonymous cyber-peeping tom, though they know I, or at least someone, am/is watching. For some reason I have become totally wrapped up in one particular blog called purty mommy by an aquaintance of mine who is a mom (obviously). I'm not a mom, nor ever will be, but I just hang on her every word. It's not that I'm envious at all, I just am finding it fascinating reading about breast feeding (the one thing about motherhood that I kinda crave), attachment parenting (sounds AWFUL!!!), cleaning up spit-up..... Go figure. Perhaps it's because I'm that desperate to NOT be doing what I'm SUPPOSED to be doing......

I'm supposed to be writing my thesis and can't seem to get going, so I thought I would do this instead. Maybe it will get my juices going. At this point it's becoming both ridiculous and dire. I started out great guns at the beginning of the semester and had the absurd interruption of oral surgery in the middle of the semester - knocking me on my wide ass for almost two weeks! So all I've got is pages and pages of notes pasted from journals and a meandering thought process which just won't coalesce. However, I have rambled on about the subject to unsuspecting inquirers to such an extent in the last couple of days that I might just be on the precipice of beginning.

But, still, I'm typing away in this blog - that no one will likely read (seems kind of silly and mastubatory, but, what the hell). Ugh - don't know what my problem is!!!!

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