Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Uphill Battle

Last night wasn't so great. I think she was too tired and over stimulated - we'd been at the funeral home for a visitation for K's uncle and VeeGee was in rare form (head-butting form, to be specific ). The meal when we got home consisted of more persuasion than we'd been having to do, but we pushed on through. It actually got better toward the end, but she was not very happy.

This morning started out rough too, but she rallied and finished her six bites without protest.

It feels like two steps forward three back and so on, but I am still convinced that we're doing the right thing. When I told her OT what we were doing, she was visibly relieved (I think they think she's kind of spoiled at her therapy clinic and this is the replacement OT for the one I fired for putting VeeGee timeout during a session ). She also likes the idea of not letting her wipe her face off with a napkin during the session. I'm back and forth on that one. I know I'd be stressed with apple dripping off my chin!

The OT also suggested ramping up in other sensory areas so that this isn't such a blip on the screen during the day (does that make sense?). We're brushing more, join-compressing more, etc. etc. It feels as if VeeGee is really in a growing spurt, and I hope that all of this will help her cope.

I'm letting her wipe some. But I am waiting until she asks for it - so that it might increase her body-awareness (which is a HUGE issue for her). It's rather pitiful because she wants to wipe with the back of her hand, but then freaks because there's stuff on her hand. I feel for her - I'm pretty freaked by this stuff too.

But that's the thing: it's about letting her integrate these sensory experiences, about helping her process them in a way that will allow her to more productively navigate her world. There are things that, because of my own sensory issues, I simply cannot do, that are WAY TOO STRESSFUL for me because of my inability to handle certain sensations. I really don't want that for her and I hope that I'm able to help her overcome it, to the extent that she can.

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