Thursday, January 29, 2009

Velopharyngeal sphincter reconstruction for VPI/VPD

We had our (I say "our" which is kind of funny, huh?!) nasal endoscopy yesterday (she was such a CHAMP!!!!!!). They found that VeeGee has an enlarged adenoidal pad, which actually works in her favor, strangely, because she is not closing the gap at all. Her soft palate is raising a bit, but the muscles to either side (I can't find the name for them anywhere) are not moving at all. SO, she is not going to be a good candidate for a pharyngeal flap because that would still leave gaps on either side of the flap. The SLP suggested a sphincteroplasty instead. Problem is, that would require removal of her adenoids, which are currently helping her.

I'm not finding much info on it at all. We're supposed to be meeting with the plastic surgeon again on Monday (ANOTHER 3 hour drive to Nashville) and I'm wondering if that's really going to be necessary since he's the flap guy and our other ENT/Otolaryngologist is the sphincteroplasty guy.

I hate the idea of another surgery, but, at the same time I do want to keep pushing ahead with the things that are going to increase her speech abilities. Also, I'm uncertain about our future insofar as jobs/insurance/location go and I'd really like to take care of as many things as I can as soon as is feasible/desirable in case we don't have access to these doctors and this hospital that we love so much in the future.

Okay, that was a total ramble . .

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