Monday, September 14, 2009

It's Come to This

I really have been writing. Just not here. I'm going to finish this G-D thesis THIS G-D semester if it kills me. And, in between my memoiry angst, I'm writing some stuff for Memphis Parent Magazine. So, in lieu of an actual post today, I thought (inspired by Elizabeth Alley) that I'd make a list of the things that I would have written about had I been writing here.

1. VeeGee started school in August. Her pre-k teacher is awesome (and strict!). I can't believe she's there every day. Crrrazy.
2. I've, as of today, lost 40 pounds (since April). And yet, I don't look very different when I look in the mirror.
3. I went to my second bachelorette party with the same group of girls at the first, about ten years ago. It was fun, but the strippers were icky. I heard tell they put on "crotch cologne."
4. VeeGee has spent the night out twice, once at the great grandparents, and once at the grandparents. She didn't miss us at all.
5. She is still not eating, but she's talking up a storm.
6. We're going through, perhaps, the very worst financial crisis of our marriage. And yet, we're relatively happy. I don't know whether it's denial or just a deep-seated reliance on each other. Probably both.
7. I am feeling really really sad and worried and afraid that I'll never land a job.
8. I'm afraid that our financial situation is going to force us to stay here when we should be moving on.
9. I am both sad and happy to hear that VeeGee is most likely not going to be allowed to stay in the special needs program.
and, 10. I've seen a hummingbird almost every day that I've sat at my desk writing. They're extraordinary. In the future, I will call this the Summer of Hummingbirds.


RJA said...

Is your Memphis Parent piece about crotch cologne?

Everybody usually refers to Elizabeth as "Richard's sister." She's cool with that.

Keep writing!

R.A. said...

A Blast from the Past, VeeGee's Mommy, this is R. A. and I must say Vee Gee is as pretty as her mommy was at a similar age. With a face like that and such hair, of course it's her world!
Good Luck on the thesis,
R. A.