Thursday, April 26, 2012

Everybody Does It ~ 100 Things

So, here goes.
  1. I've been married twice. For me, the second time was the charm. It continues to charm me.
  2. I've known my husband since before I can remember knowing anyone.
  3. My favorite song from my childhood is, "Ain't Gonna Bump No More No Big Fat Wo-man."
  4. My favorite movie is Joe Vs. the Volcano. I think it's an important work of art.
  5. I confess to not knowing much of anything about art, despite having owned an art gallery and sold my own art.
  6. I had to stop playing the cello because I got warts on the tips of my fingers, repeatedly. I'm very sad about that.
  7. My favorite job was at Cafe Society in 1995.
  8. I have never enjoyed, nor do I anticipate ever enjoying, being a part of a work-team like I was with Bryan and Robert that year.
  9. I still feel sad that I'm not in the restaurant business. Pretty much all the time.
  10. I love teaching, but fear that I'm not very good at it.
  11. I assume most teachers have a similar fear at times.
  12. I was not planning on becoming a mother.
  13. I love being a mom.
  14. I hate the sound of paper rustling, especially against cardboard.
  15. I am afraid of knocking on doors, even if I know you.
  16. I am terrified of talking on the phone, even if I know you.
  17. I eat one thing at a time on my plate, and those things must not touch.
  18. Unless I've engineered the dinner to have complementary flavors.
  19. I obsessively listen to narrative journalism on NPR, PRI, and BBC.
  20. I like to tell my husband all about what I've heard, though I rarely successfully communicate anything of what I've heard.
  21. I really like to talk to him at about 10:30 at night, while he's trying to go to sleep.
  22. I think traditional sleep patterns are not for me: I'd be more rested if I could sleep from 10pm to 2am and from 7am to 10am.
  23. I love naps.
  24. If I had my druthers, I'd spend every single day, all day, with my husband (the kid could be there part of the time).
  25. I want to build a house with him someday.
  26. I am afraid of publishing the book I've written. But also afraid that if I don't, I'll never go anywhere in my career. Publish or perish is real, guys.
  27. I love being short, and am a bit peeved when there's someone shorter around, which happens a lot because I'm only "average short," not "super short."
  28. Two of my husband's brothers are married to Wendys, only one is a Wendi. But that still counts.
  29. I often start reading a book only to realize that I've already read it.
  30. My favorite book changes all the time. Some of my favorites are, Love in the Time of Cholera, The Lover, The Earth Abides, The Glass Castle. Things Fall Apart, Birds of America, and Wives and Lovers.
  31. Such lists always stress me out because I'm sure I'm forgetting something.
  32. I'm very grateful that my siblings and I are in a good place with each other nowadays.
  33. I am a TERRIBLE housekeeper.
  34. I get very nervous when I'm assigned to write something.
  35. I don't believe in spanking.
  36. I have a tense relationship with religion. Let's just say I am a member of the Church of Hopeful Uncertainty.
  37. I've spoken in tongues, had hands laid on me, and been prophesied over.
  38. I love the sound of twangy Americana.
  39. My husband has been promising to design a tattoo for me since our first date.
  40. I don't have a tattoo yet.
  41. This is the year, I can feel it.
  42. I love speaking in public, but get totally freaked out at a party.
  43. I was a member of a theater company in Europe the year after I graduated from high school.
  44. I don't remember why I came back to the States.
  45. I think I'm German in my soul.
  46. It is very important to me to follow the arrows and directions in parking lots.
  47. I used to drag race down Central Avenue in my 1970 Ford Torino.
  48. I cannot believe I've avoided getting a DUI.
  49. There are some illegal drugs that I have really enjoyed.
  50. I can't do drugs like that anymore.
  51. My drink of choice is Absolut and soda. Yes, I know there are smoother, more hip, vodkas. I like Absolut.
  52. I have a seriously keen sense of propriety, and I'm extremely profane.
  53. Potty humor disgusts me; not in a good or funny way.
  54. It is amazing to me that my female students never identify as feminists.
  55. I voted for George Bush the first time.
  56. I've had sex under a waterfall, during the day, where people could have seen.
  57. I often end up loving the people who, at first impression, I can't stand.
  58. I've been barred from The North End.
  59. I hitchhiked from Zwolle to Amsterdam.
  60. I saw more American tourists in Amsterdam's red light district than anything salacious.
  61. I was baptized in a bathtub, by my father.
  62. My father performed my wedding ceremony.
  63. I have come to love gardening in a way that I can't really put into words.
  64. I still think it's a man's world, particularly literary world. That makes me angry.
  65. I had no idea that my peers were having sex in high school.
  66. I dated at least three guys that turned out to be gay.
  67. My favorite place to dance, of all time, was GDI's.
  68. At The Pipeline, I used the Slave bathroom.  K. stood in line for Master.  
  69. I used to love to go dancing alone.
  70. I like to eat out alone.
  71. Until recently, I always rounded my age up since I was born in a 0 year.
  72. I'm very much a Sagittarius.
  73. I'm a pretty positive person.
  74. I do not believe that there is such a thing as a hero.
  75. I hate it when people tell me that adopting my daughter was "meant to be" because that would mean it was meant for her to suffer.
  76. I'm still sad that I never gave birth, and probably will always be so. 
  77. My co-workers probably think I'm bossy and a know-it-all.
  78. I started this list two years ago and have had to delete a few things that changed.  But fewer than I would have thought.
  79. I don't plan on ever coloring my hair.
  80. For the first time in my life, I have a group of female friends whose company I crave.
  81. I love Facebook, and don't understand Twitter.
  82. I disagree that Facebook makes us lonely.  I've reconnected and resumed meaningful relationships with so many people as a result of being there.  
  83. I'm amazed at how many of the people I liked in high school I still like a lot. 
  84. I often wish I'd gone to law school.
  85. I think that I'm lazy, even though I get a lot of things done. 
  86. I'm afraid of having a bad relationship with my daughter. 
  87. I'm very sad that my daughter is not good at math. 
  88. I'm a paper stacker.
  89. I love and have a lot of craft supplies, but rarely use them.
  90. I'm going to be sad when my daughter won't let me throw her birthday parties.
  91. I spend too much time, energy and money on birthday parties.
  92. If I could, I'd throw a party of some sort every month.
  93. I like to go to professional conferences -- and stay in my hotel room. 
  94. One of the worst recurring arguments my husband and I have had is about what's for dinner.
  95. I like my current job a lot, but I think I'm a little too old for it.  
  96. I want to own an inn. 
  97. I wish I liked more vegetables. 
  98. I'm grateful that I've learned to enjoying being at home. 
  99. I eat dinner in front of the television most of the time.
  100. I thought I'd feel more like a grownup by now. 

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