Thursday, May 4, 2006

Schoooools Out For Summer....Sorta

so, i'm finally done with my first year of grad school.....sorta. i still have four small papers to write. sound familiar? (see my posts from about this time last year. actually, don't, it's really rather embarrassing.) it's not that i'm a procrastinator, maybe, it's that there is just too much shit to do and, at about 4pm every evening there are cocktails and backgammon games to be played. a girl's gotta have her priorities straight, and, frankly backgammon and cocktails with K somehow seem to almost always trump studying. this is going to be a problem if i'm gonna be a real live writer one day i guess. but, i'd rather have a happy marriage than anything else. the flip-side is that my happy marriage is invested in getting me to the point where i can write or teach or whatever the hell it is that i'm going to school for, so i need to figure out how to get there and maintain all of the above.

in other news: i submitted my first (for grad school) conference panel proposal. it's called "Blogshop: The New Blog Culture and Writers That Love It." it's for the 2007 AWP conference in Atlanta. i really, really hope the proposal gets accepted! cross your fingers. i got Steven Church, author of The Guiness Book of Me: A Memoir of Record, which i thought was really interesting, to agree to be on the panel ..... yehaaa. i'm pretty excited about that.

and still other news: i love shawn mullins and he's going to be at the peabody rooftop party tonight (barring the ubiquitous memphis in may rains, i suppose), so, if you want to see me drool and squeal like a teenaged girl, come on down!

bu-bye ;)

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