Thursday, April 20, 2006


I am so proud! I just eeked out 994 words of critical crap, er, analysis of How to be Good. And now I'm going to do a to list:

  1. pay s.t.
  2. pay artists
  3. find a new epithet for business partner (motherfucking, cocksucking, asshole, piece of shit just seems so inadequate)
  4. sweep up the dog hair
  5. get photos printed for upcoming show (my very own show at NOT my very own gallery, they like me, they really like me)
  6. mat and frame said photos
  7. mat and frame bean's december birthday present (i haven't forgotten, just lame)
  8. frame e&s's painting that i've had for a year
  9. drink three or four more draft ciders before bed
  10. take two or three valerian pills before bed
  11. go to sleep on k's chest
  12. wake up at 2am with a start; think of things that i forgot to add to this list; roll over twenty three times before drifting off at 5:33am
  13. wake up at 5:50 am
  14. brush teeth
  15. take a shower with k - nice, big, new shower!!!
  16. don't forget cooler and thingymabob for stuff for party tomorrow night
  17. meet with death penalty dude (why did i have to squeeze that in?????)
  18. party in the wonderfully unairconditionedplace that is my gallery
  19. bitch at business partner about unairconditionedness of the place and use new epithet under my breath as he consumes an entire county's share of wine and cheese that i've paid for while he opines on and on about the virtues and contemporary need for recognition of ayn rand's atlas shrugged and brags about the "fact" that he is just as skinny (not) and fetching (not) as k.
  20. go home with k -maybe have sex, maybe just play backgammon.


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