Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Surprise Mr. Prime Minister...I'm Here!

Is anyone else just terribly embarrassed about the rudeness of King George this week? I mean, giving the Prime Minister (yeah, Prime Minister, dufus - ya know, like "head of a country" and all) of Iraq FIVE MINUTES to prepare for your visit? Not a very Southern-gentlemanly thing to do!

Here's a list of things that Mr. Prime Minister might have been doing that he would be disinclined to interrupt for a visit from King George:

1) having a root canal
2) laying on his bed contemplating the popcorn ceiling
3) reading an Ann Coulter book
4) getting a spinal tap
5) eating a baloney sandwich
6) posing for photos in the middle of his rubble-filled city
7) meeting with his "new friends" from Haliburton!
8) doing a live telephone interview with Rosie O'Donnell and The View girls
9) trimming his nose hairs
10) getting a back wax

But, NO, Georgie barged on in assuming that his Banana Republic's leader would just love to stand around blinking into flash bulbs and wondering if he looks fat with that fifty pound flak jacket under his Armani suit.

Ugh - it bugs me.

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