Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We're Pregnant, Sort Of!

Hi Friends,

K and I want to introduce you to A.M., who is, hopefully, about to become a member of our immediate family. She is our niece and has some medical issues that have made it difficult for K's sister to care for her adequately. We have already begun the process, but still have to undergo a home study by the Department of Children's Services. A is in foster care in Knoxville at this time, so we really hope that the home study can be done speedily.

Say a prayer for us as this is really going to be a life-changing experience. A has Pierre Robin Syndrome, which has caused her to have to have a feeding tube and a trach.

We are feeling overwhelmed, as you might imagine. But, more than that, we are feeling very blessed to have this opportunity to share our blessings with this sweet little girl.

Can't wait for you to meet her in person!

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