Wednesday, April 18, 2007

She's Hatched!

It's a beautiful day in Knoxville, y'all. I'm sitting here in a tiny hotel room looking at awe at the tiny red-headed baby napping in a crib next to me. We went to court this morning and the state has given full legal custody and guardianship of A. We're stunned, elated, exhausted and really, really happy.
It has been an emotional week. Our social worker Tiffany was a regular Julie McCoy and had us hopping and running for three days straight. We got to spend some wonderful time with the foster family, which works with Youth Villages. A was their first baby to foster (for the past two months). They usually get older children. Foster Mom was just amazing. She completely fell in love with our little girl, and cried all day at court today even though she is so happy that A is going to get to be with family.
In fact, we have yet to meet someone who hasn't cried at the thought of A leaving their care. No joke. There's just something about this little one. She's an incredible fighter. Despite the trach and the g-tube, she runs and laughs and squeaks like crazy. She loves television, though we're planning on going cold-turkey off of that for a little while at least. Also, she looks just like K - in a good way.
Well, we'll write more later and will send some pictures soon. If you're tired of hearing our saga, please don't hesitate to let me know. I certainly don't want to bug anyone. We so appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers that have been sent up for us over the past two months. Things like this make us so grateful for the wonderful friendships with which we've been blessed!

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