Friday, August 3, 2007

Too Much Going On?

Oh, yeah. I am right there. It seems like there's just too much. But someone reminded me the other day that therapists know we can't do it all, they're human too, they just have to lay it all out there because that's their job. Our job is to sort through all that stuff and figure out what's going to work best for our child and for our families.

A's therapists keep telling me we need more structured activities (I've posted, in exhaustion, about this before). What I've finally come to realize is that I'm only going to be able to provide a certain amount of structure. Aside from that, she has to be able to LIVE for goodness sakes. And unstructured time is what is most precious, and creative and educational and therapeutic, in my house. I think (I hope) she's learning all of those things that they want her to learn in a structured way by interacting with her daddy and me in the garden; walking on uneven ground; touching sticky, wet, gritty stuff; barking at the dogs; tasting her pool water (ick, I know - but she's SWALLOWING, something we couldn't get her to do in a "structured" environment); etc. If she had siblings, there would probably be even more of that (but that's not happening).

All that to say, I have to do what my heart tells me. I know what's best for my kiddo, better, even, than therapists. This I know for sure.

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