Friday, November 30, 2007

Post Thanksgiving Post

A is doing pretty well. We're still really struggling with the reflux and the chest congestion, but, at the same time, she's talking and running like crazy. She's made lots of friends at school and loves, loves jumping on the trampoline at therapy (Santa's actually bringing her a mini therapy trampoline!). She also has lots of fun with her three cousins and her uncles. She's the belle of the ball for certain! A two-year-old ornery belle.

We are really looking forward to Christmas with her. It will be quite a change for us. K's mother passed away about four weeks ago, so it's bittersweet, but A has really been a comfort to him - a little piece of his mom still in the world. We are having to restrain ourselves from going too crazy. I've actually considered wrapping up toys from the bottom of her toybox that she hasn't seen in a while. That's awful, isn't it? But, my goodness, it can be expensive!!! She really doesn't need any more toys. I don't know what I'd do with them!

She is having surgery on the 11th of December to remove the pins from the jaw distraction. It moved her jaw forward 15 millimeters! She looks both the same and very different. And now she can make all kinds of noise. We are planning to have the trach removed in the first part of next year - isn't that amazing?!

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