Friday, February 17, 2006

Let it Snow, er, Ice. Oh, bah humbug!

So, there's supposed to be an ice storm this weekend. Yuck, yuck, yuck! I really, really hate ice. As a matter of fact, I also hate snow. Now, if I lived somewhere, like, say, Jackson Hole, where snow was not the debilitating demon that it is here in Memphis, I might, maybe, like it. K., on the other hand, is like a kid about it. He cracks me up! We've been married nine years (on Monday) and he is still cracking me up, among other things.

We were going to go to Lafayette or Oxford or Eureka Springs to celebrate the anniversary, but, and now I know we're getting old, we decided that it might just be too much trouble what with the ice and all. Granted, the Oxford forecast mentioned ice pellets. Ice pellets? Sounds awfully violent, doesn't it? And the high in Eureka is going to be 29 - ick! And Lafayette is, perhaps, only halfway recovered from Katrina. So, we're gonna head to Cafe Society like we did after our wedding (hopefully this time I won't pass out on the table); and maybe catch a movie. At least he's promised not to try to drag me to his rock club meeting tonight!

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