Wednesday, February 8, 2006


He got a little offended when I said that he was obsessed, or maybe I said he was a little bit geeky, about rocks, and especially his NEW ROCK TUMBLER!!!!! Perhaps I shouldn't have said it - I certainly didn't mean it as an insult. Not exactly. He's always really been into rocks, it's one of the things I thought (er, think) was (is) so cool about him. I mean, passion is passion, right? Right. Absolutely. And it's a smart passion too. I have learned so much over the past twelve years about really cool stuff such as quartz and, uh, rocks. But really, he is cracking me up with it lately.

A few weeks ago he made me go to the local rock club meeting. Oh boy! Now that was FUN!!! It is EXACTLY what you would imagine - I think there's probably some cross-membership going on with the Trekkies! I had a hard time not giggling through it.

The funny thing is that Ks not a geek. At least, I don't think he's a geek, and that's really what matters isn't it? He's just reached an apex in his "interest" in the subject lately, and I'm trying to be a good sport about it. The rock hunting is actually a pretty peaceful activity, even if I have no idea what I'm picking up. At least we're outside together.

But I've been laying in bed for five days now (with pneumonia) watching him scurry about every afternoon after work putting the final touches on his new ginormous rock tumbler that will hold something like fifteen pounds of rocks. I'm terrified at the racket that it's gonna make in the basement.

I guess that's all I have to say about that right now.

Oh, wow, Freebird just came on!!!!! (Thanks Bean!!!)

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