Friday, July 20, 2007

From the Peanut Gallery

I find it kinda funny in a sad sort of way, that when people are like "oh, I'm so sorry that your daughter has problems." And people often notice dd's trach and humidivent and ask, "Will she get better?" It really gets to me. I usually say, "Oh, she's actually fine. She's not sick at all, it's just how she breathes."

I guess having a child with special needs is kind of like being pregnant: people feel less inhibited about touching and making comments. You know, like how perfect strangers feel just fine about rubbing a preggo tummy.

Usually, I just try to blow it off, laugh at the goobers. But, as A gets older and becomes more aware of language I think I will be more fierce about cutting people off. And that's where it will get hard. I don't want her to have her attention drawn to her disability. I don't want her to ignore it either. I just want, so badly, for her to roll with it.

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