Sunday, July 29, 2007

She's Tall! - Um, No.

I was just folding A's clothes and thinking how tiny she is. She's wearing 12 months and she's 25 months old. What's really funny is that every once in a while someone will ask how old she is and, when told, say, "Wow, she's so tall!" Cracks me up!!! I guess it's because she's so skinny as well as being short.

But, I'm only 5 feet tall myself. So, I kind of like that she's tiny. I always loved being the littlest one around. I figure, she's got her daddy's red hair, and my height. It's my own little way of "claiming" her, since she's adopted.

Kids like to try to grab her trach. I guess they think it's jewelry or something. But I really don't mind that. Actually the worst comments I've heard are from parents of other children at the therapy clinic. It's like they've never seen something as strange as her. Yet, they are the parents of a special needs kid. Strange.

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