Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Decannulation Update

VeeGee's pretty rattly this morning, but they're still going through with capping her off. She's been capped for about 10 minutes and is still at 98/99 saturation. They said that if there was a problem it wouldn't necessarily manifest right at first. I'm feeling like I've got to be super vigilant (more vigilant? is that possible??) to watch for signs of stress. But, she's babbling and watching Elmo, so, so far so good.


She dropped to 95 for a while after her breathing treatment (odd?) but is now sleeping and at 97 for a bit. I think this is actually going to happen! I can't really believe it. It seemed like we'd have the trach forever, and now it looks like my sweet little champ is going to go home trach free on Thursday. It feels too good to be true.

I know we've got a long night ahead of us - she just dropped again - but I'm really feeling positive. And it feels GREAT!!!!

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