Sunday, February 10, 2008

Name Update

Well, after quite a bit of soul-searching and lots of late night talks, K and I (together) have decided to go through with changing VeeGee's name. We're not using the name that I had *adamantly* insisted on, though. I'm so, so much happier with this new name that we mutually chose. That's what I wanted all along, for us to do this together and for it to have meaning to him as much as it does for me.

And the transition is going well. The new middle name/nickname has the same ending sound/syllable as her old first name/nickname, and when I ask her, "Are you *new name*?" she nods enthusiastically. AND she can say it so much easier than her old nickname.

So, today, we're telling the in-laws. Should be interesting. I'm thinking they're gonna hate it, but they never even said the other nickname right, instead calling her "insert terrible automobile name here" which is just awful, right?

I'm feeling very peaceful about this all. Finally.

AND tomorrow she gets her trach out!!!!!! HUGE MOMENT!

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