Wednesday, April 30, 2008

There She Goes!

VeeGee finally just went in to surgery at 1:00. Dr. Kelly said that it should take about three and half hours or so. They won't know exactly what they're going to do until they get in there and see the cleft up close (without the wiggles). There is a strong possibility
that they will have to do a pharyngeal flap . The good thing about that possibility is that that procedure will reduce the nasality of her voice (nasality is a common result of cleft palate). She had a pretty tough morning, as she's getting her two-year molars and has a heinous diaper rash and didn't get to sleep until midnight last night since our CONFIRMED reservations at our hotel were canceled. We were sent to a totally gross hotel with no space for her. Poor thing. Anyhow, I'll update when she's out of surgery. She'll be going to ICU after recovery. Thanks for the prayers and good wishes!

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