Wednesday, April 30, 2008

She's Out!

Well, well, prayers, good wishes, and ordering food (true to restaurant worker tradition) seemed to work wonders y'all! The surgery only took an hour and a half!!! And it was a HUGE success!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!! K had gone to get something to eat at what we thought was the (safe) halfway point, and they called our names - I couldn't believe it. The doctor was so, so pleased. There was enough tissue there to create an entirely new palate (soft and hard) and they did not have to do a pharyngeal flap. Yahoooooooo. He said it will look like she has two tongues for a few days (ick!), but that will heal fairly quickly. She'll be in recovery for about another hour before we can go see her, and then she'll spend the night in ICU. The doctor said that she'd then stay in a regular room for five to seven days (I'm hoping for less, though, because of her feeding tube which will help to prevent dehydration - cross your fingers!). I'll sign off for now.

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