Thursday, May 1, 2008


First night in ICU went relatively smoothly. VeeGee is truly a redhead, and that fact is FREQUENTLY noted by all who try to touch her! She's not a big fan of, well, pretty much any of the things attached to her. The one that seems to freak her out the most is kind of interesting
to me. The pulse-ox monitor is attached to her finger with a little band-aid looking thing and it has a little red light that puts me in mind of E.T. Well, she really, really hates it. Always has. I feel for her, I want to convince her how really cool it actually looks. We've gotten a good look at her mouth now. It's pretty interesting looking. I'm glad that the doctor warned me. It looks like there's a second tongue in there! The palate that he create has not completely adhered yet - that'll take a few days - so it really looks like a tongue up there. There's a fair amount of bleeding and her face/eyes/lips/tongue are all pretty swollen. Still, she's as pretty as a picture. We're hoping to be in a regular room by this evening. As always, thanks for your sweet notes, and your prayers.

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