Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday! I hear there were some lovely storms yesterday in Memphis, but that today is beautiful. I'm glad. It's nice here (we have a lovely view of building tops!).

VeeGee really well last night, but continued to run a fever through the night, even with the Tylenol. I think partly because the palate is closed and partly because she's sleeping with her mouth open, but she is snoring like crazy!!! It makes me think about my great grandmother and grandmother - the champion snorers of all time! I think VeeGee have given them a run for their money if she'd had the chance. Her doctor was in this morning and said that her palate was looking good, but that she was a little concerned about the fever (not too much). She had thought we might get to go home this weekend, but it looks like we'll be here at least another day or so, which was really the original estimate. We were just hopeful because we don't have to wait for her to start eating (we'd be here a good long while if we had to do that, I'm afraid!) because of her g-tube. Oh well. We had some good play time this morning and a nice bubble bath. I got some grainy pictures from my laptop cam that I'm posting here in a minute. Say prayers for VeeGee that the fever will break and the pain will begin to lessen. She's so brave and funny, you'd all be so proud of her. Thanks for loving us. Wendy & VeeGee

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