Friday, May 2, 2008

Night in ICU

Today's been a roller coaster! Nights in ICU are not like those in a regular room. There's lots of light and beeping - full windows on all sides. VeeGee is connected to lots of wires, and for whatever reason the leads monitoring her heart are adult-sized, so they're pretty uncomfortable. She's also on a pulse-ox monitor, an IV tube and her feeding tube - in all, seven tubes/wires, bless her heart! As usual she's a firecracker and a champ! What an awesome personality - I'm so proud of her. We had fun playing and talking with Daddy on the phone this morning. Soon enough, she'll be able to pronounce the "d" sound and will stop saying "ah-ee" for "daddy." I think we'll kind of miss that. The doctor came in around eleven and said that she was looking great. Again, because of her feeding tube (!!!!), she may be able to come home much sooner than they had originally told us - maybe even this weekend. One concern, though. Once they backed off of the Tylenol from every 4 hours to every 6, she started running a fever. There are a couple of possible reasons for this. First, it could be because she was particularly angry at the time that we took her temp., and second, it could be that the Tylenol had just been keeping the fever at bay. I'm a bit inclined, unfortunately, to think it's the latter in this case since VeeGee generally runs a low temp (around 96, usually), and so any fever is actually more of a fever than it would be for other kiddos. Also, she just had a fevered look in her eyes. After the Tylenol, though, she's back to her "fair-to-midland" self. So, we'll just cross our fingers. BTW - we are about to be (finally) transferred to a regular room. YAY!!!!!

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