Thursday, April 16, 2009


One of the interesting things that I noticed during Amazon's deranking period was that heterosexual erotica, for instance, a collection of Penthouse photographs, was not affected. If Amazon wants to use the excuse of "adult content," I'm thinking the word "Penthouse" would be front and center, right? But, no, objectification of women is okay, but literary works that appeal not just to but are written about and/or by homosexuality is not.

I'm not against Amazon, per se, and will continue to use them for their best technology, which is the "if you like this, you'll probably like this" and the aggregation of customer, critical and publisher reviews. They're a catalog, and I value that service, in fact, I'd probably be willing to pay for it in a subscription form. However, as best I can in my book-buying habits, I'm going independent. My Amazon account, in fact, was one of my last non-local vendors. Thanks, Amazon, for pushing me further toward my ideals!


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