Wednesday, April 22, 2009

She's Out with A Pout!!!

She's out of surgery and Dr. Kelly believes it was a great success. We had some concerns when his intern didn't know anything about the combo p-flap/sphincteroplasty, and didn't get to talk to Dr. Kelly until afterward. But he did do the combination. So, basically, they've made a purse string in her throat along with taking some tissue from the very back and making what's kind of like a curtain. These two things should help her regulate air and improve speech.

Right now, she's pretty doggone angry, and fighting the IV and pulse-ox tape pretty hard. Each arm has two no-nos (kind of like splints to make her unable to move her arms) with socks on top of those because she's such a Houdini. She's already wiggled her way out of all of that twice, so we're taking turns keeping our hands on her to prevent her trying again.

Her mouth is pretty bloody and swollen, and there's a little bit of bleeding coming from her nose, but those were both to be expected.

We're in PCCU right now and will be here until, at least, 9am. We hope that we'll be able to get one of the family sleeping rooms (with shower and private bath) that they give out on a first come first serve basis (based, in part, on how far away you're from - so we're pretty likely to get one). That way we can take turns resting throughout the night.

Thanks so much to everyone who's sent love and prayers and good wishes. We really appreciate it!!!

Much love,
VeeGeesMommy, K, & VeeGee


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