Thursday, April 23, 2009

One More Night

We had a bit of a rough night. VeeGee's breathing is pretty labored, registering
apnea every few minutes, and there is some concern about the swelling (some is sort of beneficial - to hold the flap in place, too much, not so great). The upshot is that we're staying in ICU another day. :-( One of the things that I do love about her doctor is that he's pretty cautious.

I'm kind of concerned because the wonderful fight that we value so much is pretty much gone this morning. She's clearly feeling really really bad.

Her pain management seems to be pretty good. She's getting morphine every two hours and tylenol with codeine every six. Her blood pressure is running a little bit high, but I really think that's because having it taken pisses her off so much. And, of course!!!! Who wants that kind of "hug?"

I'll update if anything happens, but probably we'll just be watching monitors for a while.

One bright spot, we brought our own coffeemaker, so we'll at least get to feel sort of sane SOOON.


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