Monday, June 6, 2005

Three Times A Charm and Other Weekend Updates

It was a wonderful weekend. As my brother would say, the BEST WEEKEND EVER. I like to say that, even though others come to mind. Whatever - it was great.

I had promised K that we would go camping this weekend, but in light of the impromptu trip to the beach and the previous weekend in Philadelphia, I just really wanted to stay home. We busted our asses for so long getting the backyard ready for the graduation party, but we haven't really gotten to enjoy it yet - haven't even used the firepit since the patio was laid.

So, I suggested an itenerary of creative loafing instead of lugging all our gear into the wilds. We built a fire Friday night and grilled out - listening to Shawn Mullins and Norah Jones by the candlelight. It was so peaceful and romantic. We watched a bit of The Return of the Jedi (trying to get refreshed before we go see the current release) and fell asleep before we got a chance to make love - but it was a peaceful sleep.

In the morning we rectified the sleeping mistake and then fixed our ritual Saturday brunch. We realized that our baby puppy had never been swimming, so we packed up both pooches, the backgammon game and a gallon of sangria and headed out to Herb Parson's lake where there's no leash law. They swam and we played. It was so beautiful, though it did make us nostalgic for our days in the restaurant biz when we had weekdays off and would have the whole park to ourselves. I even got to do a little "hand-magic" for K - he was nervous, but I get a thrill out of exhibitionism, so he let me do the "job."

We headed home about four and K fixed a pizza for us before it was time to get to the gallery for the Drew Holcomb show. [aside: DREW HOLCOMB ROCKS!!!! he is officially my new music crush - love him, love him, love him!!!!!!] The gallery was full of young blonde girls wearing lots of eyeliner and teddies (is it 1985 again?). Most of them, I heard later, go to 2nd Pres. Interesting.

After Drew's show, we scooted over to the Buccaneer to see the Secret Service [Justice Naczycz is another music crush - so much better when you actually know the musician I find!]. It was like a reunion - K's best friend was there (being the self-centered guy that we can't decided whether to resent or not since he has a brain tumor) and his best friend's ex-girlfriend whom we all wish he had married.

An old acquaintance of K's was unabashedly flirting with him. He's hot, so I understand why she couldn't help it - it was funny when he introduced me.

Three time's a charm! I love days like these!!!! And then it was goodnight.

Sunday was beautiful again. I made french toast and we ate on the deck, as a new addition to the ritual. Adding vanilla to the eggs makes it extra delicious.

We watered flowers and played gin for a couple of hours and then drove out to Atoka for our business partner's birthday. I haven't laughed so much in ages. Our partner's brother was one-of-a-kind. He is a true redneck, telling perfect pitched stories about rolling down the hill in a tractor tire while the "sha-yed" (not a garage 'cause it ain't attached to the house) burned because of the excess glue he had used while fixin' his bike tire (something about lighting the glue helps the tire seal up, I think). He ia so, so funny!

Then back home to finish out the Jedi.

Idyllic weekend.

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