Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Well, we made it home in time to celebrate daddy's birthday with him! A is convalescing at home now, pretty groggy, but super super affectionate! She's a little snuggle sweetie today. As per her regular personality, she's fighting the drowsiness and refuses to sleep, which is pretty funny looking. As we were leaving yesterday, the surgeon said that he'd just do his follow up appointment when we come back to have A's trach removed. When I asked him when that should be, he said she'd be ready within a couple of weeks! I just can't tell you how excite we are. The trach removal is just going to change A's life!!! It's amazing that it's happening so fast. We really thought it could happen at the earliest during the summer - but it looks like A's going to get to go swimming, instead, this summer! We just feel so blessed!

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