Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nissen & Gagging????!!!!

I am wondering if it is normal for her to gag after the nissen a bit and if that's okay. I know that was one of the initial problems post surgery that indicated she wasn't emptying. Should I be worried that, when I just gave her 5ml of multivitamin and 2ml of her pain med, she gagged for about a minute? Only a dribble of "vomit" came out. Will she ever be able to vomit? I know I should have asked these questions of the surgeon, so please don't flame me. They just literally pushed us out the door at discharge, so I was pretty discombobulated.

Also, we are just, for the first time, beginning bolus feeds, but she seems to be tolerating me pushing the formula A LOT faster than the doctor indicated. In fact, I don't think she could sit still for 30 minutes while I bolused her. Is there a chance that I'm messing her up by going too fast

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