Monday, January 14, 2008

We're Getting There

REALLY GREAT NEWS! A tolerated the pedialyte all night!

Yesterday after I wrote the post, the doctors decided not to start her feedings of formula until this morning (which they did at 7am), and they didn't stop the epidural until 7 also. They switched her to IV oxycodone (NOT oxycotin, like I thought they said earlier - whew!!!). I can tell a bit more agitation, but I think she's handling it pretty well.

The last hurdle we have right now is to see if she will tolerate the formula. So far, so good since 7. I'm so thrilled. She's gotten really, really upset several times this morning which, before the nissen would have yielded profuse and unending amounts of vomit. Yahoo!!!!!!

They just took the epidural out a few minutes ago and the full Wrath of A was unleashed. And still no vomit! One major hurdle is left, and that's to see what the residuals are in her stomach after these feedings. This I'm a little more concerned about because when the nurse and I checked at about 9, there was more than one hour's worth of formula still in there. The doctor is okay with one hour's worth of "residual" but no more. Hopefully this will resolve within the next couple of hours. looks like we might b getting out sooner than they'd been telling us!! Maybe even this evening. What a roller coaster!

Cross your fingers for us.

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