Sunday, January 13, 2008

She's a NUT!

The "surgery fellow" (I guess an assistant, or student of Dr. Neblett, A's primary doc) was in early this morning. He said that Dr. Neblett wants to wait and see if A starts moving stuff through before doing a bunch of tests and x-rays. We're going to restart the feeds some time this morning, and, hopefully, that will work.

The pain team is going to allow the epidural bag to run out and then start A oxycotin IV. Yikes. They're going to leave the epi in, though, in case something happens or if the IV pain meds don't work well enough.

Y'all should see her. She is such a NUT! After her last surgery they had to release her without taking her b/p because she was so violently opposed to it. THINGS HAVE CHANGED! She has decided that having her temp taken, her b/p taken and having her heart listened to are the most amazingly fun things. Whew! As a matter of fact, one of the care partners brought her a spare thermometer, which she has hugged to her chest like a baby ever since. She has to take my temperature every so often and, now, since a nurse also brought her a stethoscope, we've added "heart listening" to my oh-so-frequent examinations.

I had to raise the rails of the crib because she's so chipper today and is standing up a bit. Which means, of course, that she's constantly tangled in all of her wires and has pulled the leads of her chest twice already this morning. Still, it's heartening to see her cheerful.

Thanks to everyone for the sweet messages. They mean a lot.

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