Tuesday, January 22, 2008


All! A is doing very well. We're figuring out the new feeding schedule, which is pretty much just 24 hours a day. Hopefully, her stomach will start to process more and more quickly soon. She seems to be in less and less pain and is not having to take any prescription-strength painkillers. That's a relief. We have, however, had to re-start most of her reflux meds. Hopefully, this will be temporary, but, still, it's better than it was before the surgery, and we're very grateful for that. The washing machine has seen a lot less action since we got home since there's not as much vomit-soaked laundry! Yahoo!!! AND, we have a date scheduled for trach removal! She and I will be traveling to Nashville again to have the trach taken out on February 11th. I am SO excited about this and really looking forward to the changes it will afford our sweet girl. I can't wait to really hear her voice.

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