Thursday, January 17, 2008

A New Life

So, home for a couple of days and A's still recovering well. We have hit one little bump in that she's having trouble with retching when her stomach gets overfilled.

Basically, we're having to relearn how to feed her. So, wish us luck with that. I'm concerned that her stomach is still not processing as well as it should (only one bm since we've been home, and just not able to push all of the formula that is required). However, I have faith that this will get better. I'm a member of a mothers' message board for special needs kiddos and the feedback that I've gotten is that the retching might not ever get better. I'm trying to be okay with that, and, I guess, the retching is actually better than full-on vomiting. We're still waiting to hear from the otolaryngologist about scheduling decanulation (trach removal). Hopefully that will be very soon, though we don't want to push it too hard. Thanks, again, for all of your prayers, good wishes, and friendship. It is really meaningful to have so many wonderful people offering support. We truly appreciate it!

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